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The following links are to Web sites that contain weather resource information aimed toward teachers.

Project Atmosphere

This project is an educational initiative of American Meteorological Society , designed to foster improved science, mathematics and technical education in grades K-12, through the use of atmospheric topics as the vehicle. A partnership of scientists, educators, government and industry is focusing upon attracting young students into continued study of science, mathematics and technology. One of the features of Project ATMOSPHERE has been the formation of the Atmospheric Education Resource Agent Network (AERA). At least one master teacher in each state has been selected to act as a resource agent. Contact the AERA agent for your state .

Florida Explores! World Headquarters Contains good information on weather satellites, with links to many other K-12 Earth Science Education Sources. Tropical Meteorology, Satellite Meteorology and Marine Weather. See The Explores! Teacher's Resource Guide

The Weather Underground and Blue Skies at the University of Michigan have various K-12 weather educational products to include interactive weather maps, a network of school weather reporting stations and instructional materials.

Weather Wise Education Modules From SSEC with modules for college level meteorology survey courses.

Materials from the Department of Atmospheric Sciences and the CoVis Project at the University of Illinois-Champaign-Urbana

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