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Another Satellite link

For Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP)

Get scales image from

NOAA Satellite Information System check this for WEFAX

From :

Brugge, R., 1996: Meteorology and the Internet-satellite imagery. Weather, 51, 143-145.

Table I Uniform resource locators (URLs) of computer sites mentioned in the article

Site letter URL of site

A Cripps Computing Centre at University of Nottingham Alternate site

B Météor France

C NERC Satellite Section at University of Dundee

D Department of Meteorology at University of Reading

E Space Science and Engineering Center at University of Wisconsin-Madison

F Department of Atmospheric Sciences at University of Illinois

G Enviroment Canada and their Satellite Images

H James Cook Univesity - Queensland, Australia

I Japanese Weather Association for the National Cancer Center of Tokyo

J UNIX Computing Group at Michigan State University

K University of Hawaii Satellite Oceanography Site

L Image Processing and Remote Sensing Listserv

M British Met Office

N BBC Weather Centre

O European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

P Hungarian Meteorological Service

SSEC's 3 bottom entries do not work

UIUC doesn't work either

Japenese doesnt work

Satellite Images from Environ. Canada -

MSU's is for Antarctica

Their current wx with movies etc. are found at

The ECMRWF link doesn't work

Nor the Hungarian

>From Central Weather Bureau, Taiwan, ROC

URLs beginning 'ftp' are accessible using anonymous ftp - supply the user name 'anonymous' and supply a password in the format requested by the remote computer. Other sites (and also 'ftp' ones) may be accessed using WWW browsing software.

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